I donot feel safe in my own country

September 11, 2020

in a post, Pakistani t.v actress and bulbulley star Ayesha Omer said that She doesn't fee safe in her own country. Moreover, she posted her thoughts regarding the motorway rape incident. She wrote: "I can stroll in the city at 1 am in different pieces of the world and have a sense of security yet only not in my own nation, even inside a vehicle."  Ayesha also posed a question with regards to what a lady was to do on the off chance that she didn't have a decision yet to step out of her home when it was late? 

The tweet was concerning the motorway assault case and came hours after CCPO Lahore Umer Shaikh experienced harsh criticism for his remarks, where the last said that the lady ought not have been going on her own late around evening time. The official had likewise made attestations that our social orders didn't permit ladies to travel alone around evening time and this was to guarantee ladies' own wellbeing. 

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