Nasim Shah vows to bowl his best against India

June 05, 2020

LAHORE -   Pakistan’s youthful pacer Nasim Shah is confident of bowling to a high level against India when both the teams play each other in future in any international event. “Pakistan-India cricket matches are always billed as ‘nerve-wrecking games’ with a lot of thrill and these matches also involve emotions of millions of people from both the countries which make such games ‘very special and memorable’,” said the 17-year old bowling sensation here on Thursday. “I am looking forward to the opportunity of getting a chance to play against India to showcase my pace bowling skills in a most memorable way.”

Nasim sounded very confident and his reply was ‘NO’ when asked if he was afraid of facing Indian batting star Virat Kohli. “Why should I be feeling afraid to bowl him in a game? I respect him as a player and I am very eager to bowl when he is batting as I will be going all out to display the best art of my pace bowling with a combination of speed and aggression,” said the young bowler, who performed a hat-trick against Bangladesh in February 2020 at Rawalpindi.

He said it was a challenge for a bowler to bowl against a quality batsman and a good combination of pace bowling always helped the bowler to establish himself as a top notch bowler. To a question, he assured that he would live up to the expectations of the spectators during any match against India. “Pakistan and India matches are not played very often. Whenever Pakistan team is playing against India such a game gains the status of a very big and important match and good performance on the part of players makes him a hero, whereas bad performance is enough to dub him a villain.”

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