Corona testing diminished by 60pc in Punjab

July 14, 2020

The Covid-19 tests carried out by the Punjab government to distinguish the infection in suspected patients have been decreased by 60 per cent. According to the report, the corona virus tests in Punjab diminished by approximately 60 percent against its capacity of performing 16,470 tests each day. The figures appear that the Punjab healing centers have capacity to perform more than 16,000 tests each day. Of them, as it were 8,175 tests were being carried out at the state-run and private labs.

The report appears that there is an add up of 16 private and 18 government Covid-19 testing labs in Punjab.The information appears that within the government division, the Covid-19 testing labs have the capacity to conduct 8040 tests per day but, as it were 5812 tests were being carried out on a every day premise in state-run labs.

Similarly, the private Covid-19 labs has capacity to perform 8430 tests per day. The information appear that private labs in Punjab are conducting as it were 2363 tests in a day. It was uncovered that as it were four labs over the territory were conducting tests agreeing to unique capacity, whereas the remaining 34 labs have been performing half corona virus tests than the real capacity to perform infection tests each day.

Punjab Secretary for Essential Healthcare Muhammad Usman Said that government as it were testing those patients who have Covid-19 indications. He said that from the final few days, the number of basic infection patients in area has diminished altogether.

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