Darr Khuda Se: The brilliant story seems to have reached its climax

November 24, 2019

KARACHI-Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s DarrKhuda Se, under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, is a drama based on workplace harassment and how it ends up ruining lives. Written by SarwatNazir, the drama stars Sana Javed, Imran Abbas, and KiranHaq along with Qavi Khan, NamraShahid, Ali Ansari, Ali Rizvi, and HammadFarooqi in pivotal roles. The recent episode of the drama has got to be the most entertaining and emotion-packed so far. It looks like the story is heading towards its climax, and it was a relief to see the drama getting back on track. Imran Abbas has garnered a lot of appreciation for his tremendous performance as Shahwaiz; a petty womanizer. As his wedding to Tamkeen draws near, he takes Tamkeen out for shopping as he wants her to look incredible. His nice gestures towards Tamkeen are not because of his affection for her, rather he wants Gul to see how happy he is, and at the same time annoy Afreen to the core.

Shahwaiz’s character as played by Imran Abbas in this particular drama is one of his best performances because he is doing complete justice to his character; creating a love-hate relationship with the audience. As for Tamkeen, she is blinded by Shahwaiz’s personality, his looks, and his money. She has let her desires take over her judgment of mind and even after Afreen’s constant warning, she proceeds to marry Shahwaiz. The wedding takes place as planned and Tamkeen bids farewell to everyone as she leaves for Shahwaiz’s house. The drama is still taking all the events against Afreen and we can’t help but feel sorry for Afreen at this point. The way she approaches her father to warn him about Shahwaiz was an incredible scene. Her plea asking for her father to not turn his face away from her had our hearts shattered into bits. We are just left wondering when will her family finally find the truth and realize how wrong they have been to her. One good hope is coming our way in the form of Kashif; whose daughter is diagnosed with an uncertain sickness. So we can anticipate that Kashif will reveal all the truth in front of Afreen’s family out of guilt and regret. We can’t wait to see what happens next in Afreen’s life!

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