Zahid Ahmed advises youth to stop using drugs

May 31, 2020

ISLAMABAD   -   In a recent interview, he talked about using drugs and said, “Yes, I have been into drugs. I have used hash a lot in my life and now Alhamdulillah I have quit. There is enough drama in the world, the society has completely changed. Karachi is the second most popular city when it comes to marijuana consumption so we should talk about it. My sons are growing and in their surroundings, people use it because it’s common,” he said. “In Islamabad, crystal meth is being sold in school campuses and crystal meth is death. The person who uses it dies in 2-3 years.” Talking about his experience, he said, “It’s my 10-15 years of experience and I want to say, if it has no side effect then it has no advantage as well. When I left drugs I felt a lot of change.” The actor advised the youth to think about this and stop using drugs because it’s harmful for your mental and physical health.

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