PTI to public its two years execution report next month

July 25, 2020

The PTI government will publish its two years performance report on August 18 next month. According to sources, the report comprises achievements and challenges faced by the PTI government during the past two years. The report discusses Prime Minister Imran Khan’s achievements and challenges on the diplomatic, political, economic and security fronts. The government measures to improve the economic situation and return of foreign loans are also part of the report discussion.

The financial support of needy people aimed Covid-19 pandemic, and the importance of charity and shelter homes and other social welfare projects are also discussed in the report. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive, elimination of corruption, and constitutional amendments are also part of the report. The report also discusses the Prime Minister’s foreign visits, role in bringing Islamic countries closure, measures to improve credibility of Pakistani passport. Tasks given by the prime minister to different ministries, including information and social media, are also discussed in the report.

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