Faysal Quraishi to star in ‘Log Kya Kahain Gay’

2019 ,نومبر 11

Karachi-The Pakistani superstar, FaysalQuraishi has recently started shooting for his new drama serial ‘Log Kya Kahain Gay.’ For the drama, Quraishi will be playing the lead character alongside SaheefaJabbarKhattak. The narrative of the drama revolves around the struggle of a couple who are madly in love with each other. FaysalQuraishi is portraying the role of a man who strongly believes in friendship and cares deeply about his friends. When asked about his character, the superstar comments, “my character is the sort of character who can upset the world for the bond of friendship because sometimes, friendship is far more important than love and relationship.” When asked about his motivation behind taking up this project, Quraishi opines, “I had a lot of reasons to take this project. The script, direction, production and of course the characters, it was all great.”

Directed by MohsinMirza and written by SofiyaKhurram, ‘Log Kya Kahain Gay’ is a family drama appealing to the younger audience. The drama is produced by Abdullah Seja under the banner of his own production hour IDream Entertainment. The drama features superstars including FaysalQuraishi, SaheefaJabbarKhattak as leads, AijazAslam, SakinaSamo, KinzaRazzak, ZarmeenaIkram and HumeraZaheer playing pivotal roles. The drama is currently in the shooting stage and will soon air on ARY Digital. FaysalQuraishi is currently working on other projects including another drama serial and multiple videos for his YouTube channel. Details of both will be released at a later date.

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