Water inflow at Tarbela drops to below the mark of low flood

September 06, 2020

Indus River water level dropped to down the low flood level at Tarbela Dam with inflow and outflow of water recorded at 1,99,300 cusecs, a spokesperson of Wapda said on Sunday. The inflow and outflow of river at Mangla Dam has been 38,500 cusecs, the Water and Power Development Authority further said in a statement. The inflow of River Indus at Chashma Barrage recorded 4,18,700 cusecs and water discharge at the barrage is 4,12,200 cusecs, the statement said. The water at Tarbela reservoir has been measured at 59,80,000 acre feet, while at Mangla reservoir water conservation has been 73,56,000 acre feet, according to Wapda statement.

Moreover, around 32,000 acre feet water has been conserved at Chashma barrage. Overall water conservation at reservoirs has been 1,33,78,000 acre feet. Two mega water reservoirs of Mangla and Tarbela were filled to their maximum levels last week, resulting in the record availability of water in the two dams, which is being regarded a good omen for agriculture and hydel power generation in the country.

The cumulative quantum of water available in Mangla and Tarbela reservoirs stands at 13.336 million acre-feet (MAF) which is a record of water availability during the last 10 years. According to the statistics, the water level in Mangla and Tarbela is 1242 feet and 1550 feet respectively above mean sea level. Water available in the two dams is 2.173 MAF more if compared with the average of the last 10 years. It is worth mentioning here that average water availability in the two dams during the last 10 years on the day recorded as 11.163 MAF.

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