PM Imran Khan congratulates Canada’s Trudeau on election win

2019 ,اکتوبر 22

Prime Minister Imran khan on Tuesday congratulated Justin Trudeau for winning Canadian general elections. PM Imran Khan took to twitter saying, “Congratulations to Justin Trudeau for winning the elections in Canada. I look forward to working with him. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party held onto power in a nail-biter of a Canadian general election on Monday but as a weakened minority government. Television projections declared the Liberals winners or leading in 157 of the nation’s 338 electoral districts, versus 121 for his main rival Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, after polling stations across six time zones closed.

Trudeau will have to form an alliance or formal coalition with one or more smaller parties in order to govern. The first test of his future government will follow in the subsequent weeks with a speech to parliament outlining his legislative priorities and a confidence vote. The 47-year-old former school teacher dominated Canadian politics over the four years of his first term but faced a grilling during the 40-day election campaign, which was described as one of the nastiest in Canadian history.

His Conservatives had stood alone among all of the parties in pledging austerity measures to return to a balanced budget within five years. Surging social democrats and resuscitated Quebec separatists also appeared to have chipped away at Liberal support. 

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