Mathira lashes out at Malala for not talking about Kashmir issue

September 14, 2019

LAHORE - Apple unveiled its newest iPhones on Tuesday, giving the world a glimpse of the new three-camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro and the pricier “Max” version and Twitter users can’t stop poking fun at the odd setup.

 Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai also joined the new iPhone discussion and won the internet with her tweet, but some people started slamming her for not talking about the Kashmir issue.

Malala was funny about the similarities between what she wore at the moment of the launch and the triple camera on the phone.“Is this just a coincidence that I wore this dress on the same day as Apple iPhone 11’s launch,” said the Nobel laureate on Twitter.

People on social media are now criticizing Yousafzi, for not raising her voice for Kashmir and tweeting about the iPhone 11 instead.Among her critics were Pakistani actress Mathira, who took no time at all to lash out at Malala for not raising her voice for Kashmir or the recent Priyanka Chopra controversy.

“First of all, she has the time to post about iPhone stuff why not Kashmir, I don’t get it. Her one tweet against Priyanka and Kashmir will help but she is worried about her dress and iPhone,” wrote Mathira. However, Malala hasn’t respond to any remarks or comment on the reaction of Mathira.

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