Wearing mask will be mandatory for students in schools

September 10, 2020

Provincial Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Akbar Ayub Khan on Thursday said that as soon as educational activities resume in schools, it will be mandatory for all students to come from home wearing masks adding the teaching and non-teaching staff and administration of the schools will also have to ensure the use of masks.

Akbar Ayub Khan directed the officials of the education department to ensure water supply in all schools and also to have soap for washing children's hands.nHe requested the parents not to send sick children to schools and if any child was found sick in school or showed signs of corona, he should be sent home immediately and given a chance to rest completely.

The provincial minister said that anti-corona items could be procured from PTC fund, sports fund, and medical fund in schools. He said that the staff of the health department would go to the schools and conduct tests of the teaching and non-teaching staff and boys and girls for which a formal notification has been issued by the education department in view of government orders.

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