CDA bans entry of employees, visitors without masks

June 08, 2020

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has banned entry to CDA secretariat without wearing mask. According to media reports, this restriction will be applicable to all CDA employees and visitors while in this regard banners have been displayed on entry points and gates. Security personnel have also been directed that no one should be allowed to enter

CDA secretariat without mask. CDA management has directed that precautionary measurement should be taken during office work in CDA. In this regard CDA administration Directorate has issued directives in which all the employee have been directed that strict implementation on SOPs be ensured to prevent corona virus spread.

They directed in the post that all the employees should use gloves, face mask and sanitizers during office time. Employees have been warned that disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate SOPs against corona virus. Sanitizers are being applied on different places of CDA secretariat for employees and visitors.

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