Modi is Hitler of twenty first century, PTI pioneer announces

July 19, 2020

Deputy Secretary Information Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Punjab, Rana Akhtar Hussain has called Modi modern equivalent of Adolf Hitler and termed his Hindutva as "Hindu Reich" of twenty first century. Raising question over hush of universal community on on-going outrages in Kashmir Valley, he said that unused house law in Kashmir has opened way for statistic changes which can be lamentable for peace in locale. He too attacked Indian parliamentarians, particularly Congress party, for passive consent on Modi abominations in Kashmir Valley.

The PTI leader stated this while talking to party delegations at her home in Lahore on Sunday. While commenting on China-India Ladakh Valley spat, Akhtar Hussain said, Modi has lost several kilometres territory at hands of Chinese forces. Modi is biggest hypocrite of modern Indian history. Self-proclaimed "strong man" is silent on Chinese advance in Galwan valley who always threatens Pakistan. Welcoming Joe Biden policy statement on Kashmir, he said that for the first time in 72 years, Kashmir has become integral policy issue of American Presidential Campaign which is our huge diplomatic success.

The PTI pioneer called upon United Nations Security Council to send military eyewitness mission to Kashmir to report Indian outrages and barefaced infringement of Shimla Agreement and UN resolutions. He moreover evaluated part of Pakistan in Afghan peace process. He said that Central Asia will before long ended up exchanging accomplice of Pakistan after effective execution of Peace bargain in Afghanistan. Akhtar Hussain said, rather than putting all eggs in Indian wicker container, Joined together States must plan adjusted remote arrangement in South Asia and halt seeing Pakistan from point of view of Afghanistan as it were.

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