Alleged murderer in anchor Mureed Abbas case coercing journalists

November 06, 2019

According to a news anchor, journalists are being threatened by an alleged murderer and his brother to discourage them from covering the judicial proceedings of the murder of a news anchor in Karachi. Through a video upload on Twitter, Zaara Abbas Kher, the wife of the murdered anchor Mureed Abbas, made the accusation against Atif Zaman. Zaman is the prime suspect in the murder of Kher's husband, who is herself also a news anchor. Kher includes Zaman's family in collaborating with the murder suspect to pressurize journalists. "You must have seen how fresh the suspect looks when he attends court proceedings," she said. "He's smoking freely, he has a lighter and is given mineral water to drink as well," she added.

Mureed Abbas was affiliated as a news anchor of a private news channel, and was killed in a cafe on the Khayaban-e-Bukhari commercial area. His friend, Khizar, was also killed in the incident. Kher says that her husband Abbas invested 5 million ruppees in a tyre business that Zaman had set up, and had asked Zaman to return his investment. The deceased's wife, who is also a TV anchor, said that her husband invested Rs5 million in Zaman's tyre business and was lately asking him to return his funds.

Kher claimed that on November 2, a journalist was physically assaulted in the sessions court where proceedings relating to Abbas's murder were being held. "A journalist's mobile phone was snatched and the videos he was making were forcibly deleted," she alleged.  Kher also says that Zaman, his family, and his legal team are directly trying to force her into not covering the case. "He[Zaman] killed my husband and Khizer Hayat for demanding their own money," she said.   In a message to journalists, she called upon journalists to maintain their courage, and asked that they continue to cover the trial of the late anchor's murder. "The tyrant cannot win. We have to show him that God is there and that in this case, Zaman cannot blindfold the media," she said. 

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