‘Leaked’ photo of Nawaz goes viral on social media

May 31, 2020

LAHORE - PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, without naming anyone, alleged in a tweet message, “They even tried their best to kill Mian Saheb, but he was saved by Allah Almighty.” Maryam Nawaz, on Saturday, strongly reacted, on twitter, to the release of Nawaz Sharif’s photograph on social media, in which he can be seen enjoying coffee at a restaurant along with female members of his family. In a tweet response, Maryam said that the objective of releasing and making public that photograph on social media was to disgrace Nawaz Sharif, rather than publicising him, but this time too, the response was just contrary to what was intended.

She said that those who could attempt to forcibly barge into intensive care unit (ICU) to take snapshots of her ailing mother, it was not difficult for them to stealthily take photographs of Nawaz Sharif in a private family gathering with female members of the family. Terming it as an act of cowardice, she said that if it was such a virtuous thing to do then why that photograph was not taken openly.

In another tweet, Maryam said that the way mere sight of Nawaz Sharif trembled his opponents, the proponents of Nawaz Sharif were stimulated by seeing the photograph of their leader and the picture had bolstered the confidence of his admirers. She said that the opponents of Nawaz Sharif should have realised by now that by resorting to such tactics, they only unintentionally benefitted Nawaz Sharif and harmed themselves.

She said that the opponents of Nawaz Sharif were perturbed as despite blatant use of power, they had not been able to cause any harm to Nawaz Sharif. She said “they tried their best to kill Mian Saheb but he was saved by Allah Almighty.” She said that fear of Nawaz Sharif did not let them live and rule the country peacefully, which she said was the punishment for the opponents of Nawaz Sharif.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Dr. Shehbaz Gill reacting to the picture, in a social media statement said, “These people consider the nation as fool. He left for London with a false statement. The three-time prime minister lacks moral strength, they flee from the country on the basis of falsehood. Those people are pitiable who still hear their false utterances and consider them their leaders”, Gill said. It is to be mentioned here that his doctors had advised Nawaz Sharif to keep himself in isolation apprehending coronavirus infection to the former prime minister of Pakistan due to his advanced age.

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