Cabinet favors arrangement of Air Marshal Arshad Malik as PIA CEO

July 07, 2020

Government cabinet on Tuesday has endorsed the appointment of Discuss Marshal Arshad Malik as Chief Official of the Pakistan International Aircrafts (PIA). The government cabinet assembly managed over by PM Imran Khan appointed Discuss Marshal Arshad Malik as the PIA chief official for another three a long time. Presently, indeed after he resigns from the Pakistan Air Drive (PAF) on July 12,Air Marshal Arshad Malik will serve as PIA chief official for another three years.

The cabinet assembly was too briefed on the issue of fake degrees. It was informed amid the assembly that such pilots have been grounded. The cabinet coordinated to total the test into the suspicious degrees of the pilots as before long as possible.

The government cabinet assembly too considered a 16-point plan counting the political, financial and Corona virus widespread circumstance within the country. According to sources, the matter of correcting the Companies Act 2017 related to FATF has been delayed within the meeting. Earlier in March Arshad Mahmood was temporarily appointed to serve as the CEO for PIA.

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