Sonya Hussayn rekindles hope with prayers

May 28, 2020

Islamabad-Shaken by the impact of Covid19, Pakistan observed yet another dark day on Friday (observed two days prior to Eid). The crash of flight PK 8303 with only two survivors left fellow citizens perturbed by the unfortunate news. The uncertainty of our lives is what remains a constant reminder during these times.

However, our philanthropists continue being the torch bearers of hope be it via their donations or the hope they provide others. Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 has been unlike any we have seen so far, where people have opted out of a consumerist approach to celebrating. Superstars like the starlet Sonya Hussayn have instead taken to social media to share very humbling pictures of Eid this year.

Already credited for her outstanding performances portraying socially distressed characters and narratives, Hussayn shares the pain of many who have lost loved ones this year.

“My heart cries along with the families who are now in grief and were waiting to see their loved ones on Eid, special prayers for the speedy recovery of all the survivors.” This was followed by another post where Hussayn let her heart out, disturbed by the demise of the supermodel Zara Abid and other fellow citizens she stated, “Sabaraa hi nahirahamagar Allah hi sabrdenaywalahai.”

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