Protesting teachers injured as police use teargas

September 15, 2019

Multiple teachers were injured on Sunday as police used tear-gas shelling and water cannon during a protest being held at the Karachi Press Club (KPC). Police also baton-charged the teachers after a clash erupted between the protesters and the authorities when the demonstration decided to move towards the Chief Minister House near the KPC.

Shortly after the violence started, the police effectively blocked the protesters' way but the batons, tear-gas, and water cannon left many teachers wounded. Some others, however, were arrested as well. The teachers were protesting not being hired on a permanent basis despite having passed their Educational Testing Service (ETS) test.

The Sindh chief minister's adviser on law, anti-corruption establishment, and information, Murtaza Wahab, on the other hand, said the teachers were free to protest outside the KPC but that the local government could not allow a demonstration outside the CM House. With regard to the alleged violence perpetrated by the police, Wahab said the teachers protesting not being hired on a permanent basis should, instead, apply to the advertised posts, in line with the Public Service Commission.

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