Assistant Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Meets with COAS Asim Munir

By Asif Ali Awan

| Published Apr 19, 2024 | 10:35 a.m.

In Rawalpindi, the top military guy from Saudi Arabia, Major General Talal Bin Abdullah Al-Otaibi, had a chat with Pakistan's Army Chief, General Asim Munir.

They talked about how they can work better together on defense stuff, like making military gear and training soldiers. The Pakistani Army said they're all in for helping Saudi Arabia's army get even better.

Major General Al-Otaibi gave a thumbs up to Pakistan's Army for how they've fought terrorism

and helped keep things peaceful in the region.

He was also there for a big meeting about defense between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They talked about how the world's security is changing and what that means for their armies. They agreed that because technology is moving so fast, they need to work together on making high-tech defense gear.

Both countries are really keen to make their defense partnership stronger, focusing on military skills on land, in the air, and at sea.

They came up with some solid plans to hit their goals in a set time frame.