Haseebullah steps in for Azam Khan in Pakistan's squad for the New Zealand T20I

By Asif Ali Awan

| Published Apr 22, 2024 | 10:51 a.m.

Haseebullah, a talented wicket-keeper and batter, has been named as Azam's replacement. This decision comes in light of Azam Khan's unfortunate injury, which has sidelined him from the upcoming matches. Azam's absence is due to a tear in his right calf muscle, as confirmed by recent radiology reports.

Haseebullah, a 21-year-old cricketer, will be joining the Pakistan side ahead of the fourth T20I match scheduled to take place in Lahore. While this marks his first inclusion in the national team for this series, Haseebullah has previously represented Pakistan during the T20 tour to New Zealand earlier in the year. His selection highlights the PCB's confidence in his abilities to contribute effectively to the team's performance.

Meanwhile, Azam Khan has been advised by medical professionals to undergo a period of rest to facilitate his recovery from the injury. The PCB has stated that Azam will be taking a 10-day break from cricket activities to focus on his rehabilitation. This process will be closely monitored and supervised by the PCB medical panel. Azam's rehabilitation journey will commence at the National Cricket Academy, where he will receive specialized care and attention to aid his recovery process.

The injury to Azam Khan was first noticed during a routine batting practice session ahead of the first T20I match at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. Despite initial hopes for a swift recovery, the severity of the tear in his calf muscle has necessitated a more cautious approach to ensure his long-term well-being. As such, Azam's departure from the Pakistan men's cricket team underscores the importance of prioritizing player health and fitness in professional sports.

While Azam's absence will be felt by the team, Haseebullah's inclusion presents an opportunity for the young cricketer to showcase his talent on the international stage. With the support of the coaching staff and his teammates, Haseebullah will look to make a meaningful contribution to Pakistan's performance in the remainder of the T20I series against New Zealand.