Why is Bilal Pasha trending on social media?

By Saba Shafiq

| Published Nov 30, 2023 | 11:57 a.m.

A few days ago, Bilal Pasha, a young CSP officer holding the position of chief executive officer at Bannu Cantonment Board, allegedly committed himself at his official apartment.

In Bannu, his chamber contained his corpse. According to differing accounts, he was either killed or committed suicide. According to some, he passed away from a heart attack.

However, according to Cantonment DSP Azmat Khan, Pasha's suicide was caused by mental tension that he had been experien

cing for a few days.

According to the authorities, they discovered Pasha's blood-stained body inside the house where he had shot himself.

According to District Police Officer Ismail Khan, after a thorough investigation, they concluded that Pasha had committed suicide.

He was buried at Abdul Hakeem, the location of his birth. A sizable crowd showed out for the young CSP officer's funeral prayer.

Since the young officer's sad demise, the hashtag #BilalPasha has taken over social media. His untimely death has left his followers and the CSP community in great sadness.

Posts and tales showcasing Bilal Pasha's humility are all over social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and X.

In light of the tragic passing of #BilalPasha, it is unclear if mental illness or cardiac arrest caused her death.

Bilal was assigned to the Department of Military Lands and Cantonments after placing 85th in the CSS 2019 test.